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Tilt Team: First Glacier Logistics

FG12-11-185D-257 (1)

First Glacier Logistics Tilt - Check!

Appreciative of the hard-working crews in the field! Not long before the days start getting longer again.

Two Ness team members, Feliciano Monroy, Uli Gonzalez, Jarrett Fash, Ancelmo Saldivar, Hugo Santiago, Kelli (Spud) Waiamau, Quinn Endresen, Holt (Doc) Cameron, Sean Fowler, Alex Higdon, Adan Gutierrez, Nahum Martinez and Eric Bower

On the Subject

Employee Spotlight: Kris Milarii
Employee Spotlight
Employee Spotlight: Kris Milarii

Meet Kris, one of Sierra's Superintendents. Presently on the home stretch of the CenterPoint E Marginal project he has been with the company for 15 years now....

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