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TCO: Track 6

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"I am thrilled to announce that our Track 6 project in SoDo was granted a TCO today.

We mobilized for demolition of the old Compton Lumber facility on October 12, 2020, and started banging our 2,500-ish stone columns into the ground a couple of months later. We survived three project architects, three civil engineering leads, three development managers, three Seattle winters, the Teamsters’ strike, a couple of particularly-challenging subcontractors, countless stymied attempts to get utilities to the building, an eleventh-hour ROW improvement project and all the shrapnel SDCI, SPU, SCL & SDOT could send our way – and now nearly three years later, one can finally flush a toilet in there if one had such a mind to.

Massive gratitude to Steve Neisinger, Alex Newton, May Jensen & Bryan Ploetz for their efforts & diligence in keeping this thing on the rails (no pun intended). This was a tough one, and it took everyone’s best work to get here, but it’s a landmark building in the neighborhood and one Sierra should be proud to have our name on." - Jason Nix, Senior Project Manager

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