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TCO: Tilt 348

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"Good morning,

I’m happy to announce that Tilt 348 received TCO just after the new year from the City of Federal Way, just in time for our Owners to start moving in machinery. This project originally started as a 79k SF core & shell building for Panattoni, was then purchased by Neumeier Engineering, and turned in to a build-to-suite with 7,000 SF of office space and a non-adjustable move in date of the first of the year. The project broke ground as a fully-forested hill with its own homeless encampment, a neighbor’s house that was somehow built within our property limits, and it came with an added bonus of an access road to Lakehaven “this is our new standard” Water District’s well. Despite long delays in getting the slab to subgrade by outside influences, we were able to maintain our original tilt date due to tireless effort and countless hours from our Sierra crew. We were also able to accommodate for a number of Owner inspired changes. These include upgrading the slab to 18” for machinery in 1/3rd of the building, adding additional wood framed rooms in the center of the warehouse that are equipped with RED-I framed heavy load platforms, and upgrading the PSE transformer size a week before it was supposed to be delivered.

Congrats to the whole team of Kirk MacGowan, Ed Equihua, Wayde Turner, Lisa Diebler, Billy Hohenstein, and all of the Sierra crew members that brought the whole project together. With everyone’s help we were provided another project on time to another satisfied ownership group.

Happy New Year" - Sam Evans

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