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TCO: Home Depot Lynnwood

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Lynnwood doesn’t do TCO’s but on Tuesday we received an “OK to Merchandise” which allows Home Depot to start stocking the shelves 3 days in advance of our contract date.

While we’re still moving through the turnover process with Home Depot it is worth taking a moment to thank everyone for the hard work on what has been a truly difficult job from start to finish. Handicapped with an August start and going into the winter with terrible soils we were fighting an uphill battle. We worked through 6 weeks of rain/snow/ice/smoke delay, formlinered insulated tilt panels, a giant storm vault at the bottom of a mud hole, fireproofing the entire roof structure, 6 interior slab pours in an enclosed building, and countless “Owner Milestones” that had to be met over the last month. Home Depot has 50 loaded trucks of merchandise on the road right now so the pressure to complete was very real.

Many thanks to May Jensen for her thankless work, John Dahlman (who said he would rather build the office again), Ryan Morgan, Maddox, Cameron, Domingo, Joe J, Curtis, Anthony, CJ, all of the other people who helped us through the tilt and of course our fearless leader Kirk MacGowan.

2 final stats of the job would be that it takes 132 trips to Home Depot to build a Home Depot and we managed to only need to destroy 4 Lowes buckets that were encountered on site using heavy machinery. Barring any holdups on Home Depot’s end over the next month the store should be open on August 12th.

- Project Manager, Evan Heeringa

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