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TCO: Gayteway Building G

Gayteway G Aerial Web

A statement from Project Manager Louis Paul on the completion of Gayteway Building G!

"All, I am pleased to announce that Gayteway Bldg G reached substantial completion last Monday turning the building over to a very happy client and marking the end of another successful Sierra project.

This project constructed a 118,000 SF shell warehouse (the 3rd building of 9) in the Gayteway Business Park in Arlington which will ultimately house Himalayan Dog Chew, a company “born out of curiosity” when they discovered that dogs love “Churpi; the traditional Nepalese chew made for people of the Himalayas.” It’s a (52) panel building with (21) dock positions, (2) drive in doors, (21) living screen trellises which were a bear to assemble and install, (2) infiltration galleries with bay filters on a 100% infiltration site.

I can’t say we overcame sleet, snow, hail and gale force winds, walking uphill both ways (152) times to Home Depot in substandard soils. We had the luxury of starting this job in March, working through the summer, having a roof on before the rains hit and completed without too many hiccups… We did manage to overcome dock door delivery issues, warehouse lighting stuck on a container ship in the port of San Diego for 6 weeks, and subpar infiltration rates at our galleries. Also, a word from experience, NEVER use 5 miles of 3” Frog Tape to protect your trench drain when you’re pouring your truck apron.

While the Office TI and Warehouse Improvements are still marching towards a December TCO, we were able to strategize with Pattison, Himalayan, the design team and ownership allowing them to start their interior work weeks ahead of schedule despite roofing material and manpower setbacks. Taylor’s Excavators and DKS performed the earthwork and concrete respectively and were instrumental in the overall success of this job.

Many thanks to Carrie Bodnar for keeping the job running smoothly behind the scenes, Wayde Turner for instilling our teams philosophy “Call Someone Who Knows,” Curtis McBride, Jacob Goodwin and Joe Jamison for their help across the finish line and of course to our fearless leader, John Barnes for being the sound voice of reason."

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