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TCO: Columbia Tech Center, 687 & 688


Christmas came early in December for PacTrust’s Columbia Tech Center Buildings 687 & 688 in Vancouver, WA. The project achieved Building Shell Certificate of Completion for Building 687 and a Final C of O for Building 688 which is fully leased and ready for business before the holidays.

These two buildings were a bit off the norm for PacTrust and a new first for Sierra Portland – a CLT (Cross-Laminated Timber) Hem-Fir roof panel system, Doug-Fir glu-lam beams, and Doug-Fir glu-lam columns. Concealed knife plate connectors for the glu-lam column/beam connections with matching wood plugs for the bolt penetrations created a sleek and seamless look throughout the buildings. The exterior finishes were a mixture of heavily revealed tilt panels, ribbed and flat metal panels, and an overabundance of glazing was a huge draw for potential tenants and resulted a fully leased 688 building and a 50% leased 687 building.

A big congratulations to the entire management team and stellar field crew (Rory Koch, Allan Vigue, Jessica Dowrey, Steven Baldwin, Brain Buckreus, Allan Vigue, Sr, Dale Eastman, Juan Ramirez Vargas) who successfully battled through the summer supply chain/inflationary pricing issues and still delivered a top notch finished product.

- Guy Blanchard, Senior Project Manager

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