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TCO: BP Kent 100


"All – I am pleased to announce that the BP Kent 100 project for Bridge Development has received TCO from the City of Kent.

We broke ground in April on the site of a former “RV Storage” facility, complete with several lingering RVs, cars, boats, and roughly 15 dumpster loads of miscellaneous trash & debris. The site has since been transformed into 94,500sf of building and 56,000sf of on-site asphalt, surrounded by nearly 1,000lf of newly-constructed sidewalk, planter and roadway. We also had to traverse an adjacent parcel to install new, dedicated storm drainage, and the building itself is built atop a 164,000cf “burrito” for floodwater storage. (Incidentally, if anyone sees one of those on a future project, call me – I have some thoughts.)

And last but not least, we had the entire building tilted before we put a single stick of pipe in the ground thanks to an apparent lack of interest in reviewing Civil permit applications. It’s not every project that you have your sacker and your water line crew bumping into each other.

This is our first completed project for Bridge Development, headed up by Justin Carlucci and Spencer “I Was Basnaw’s First PE” Mayes. Looks like it’s going to be the first of many, and this was a great effort and a great finished product for this enterprising new client. And as a bonus, the building is fully leased – we’ll be rolling into a T/I for occupancy by the end of Q1. Many thanks to Bob Carrasco, Ulises Gonzalez and Tommy James for keeping this thing on the rails through a revolving door of field leadership, and to Ben Wade, May Jensen, Kirk MacGowan and our ever-diligent field crew for all their hard work."

- Jason Nix, Project Manager of BP Kent 100

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