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Tammie Liebhauser summits Larke Pass in Nepal

Liebhauser 4-2023

From Keith Liebhauser -

"Had to share this one with you. Here is quite the People of Sierra (sort of).

Saturday night while we were sleeping, my wife Tammie, her Aunt (age 66) and Uncle (age 68) as well as two others in there group made it over Larke Pass [Larke Pass is one of the longest passes in the Himalaya of Nepal, situated at 16,752′ ] while on a 15 day Manaslu Trek in Nepal. With a bad storm coming in they had skipped an acclimation day so they could try and beat the storm. They climbed and descended the 16,700 ft pass all in the storm. They started at 3am and it took them almost 14hrs. Had they not made it there options would have been an 8 day trek back or hiring a helicopter to come get them.

I had not known that she had taken the Sierra Swag with her.

I think it’s very cool of her to represent part of our family.

I’m not there but proud of her accomplishments none the less."

Have a trip planned and want to take a Sierra bandana or flag with you? Reach out to me at and I will get you set up!

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