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State of Sierra 2022 - That's a wrap!

SoS Invite_resized

Last Thursday held Sierra's first big event since 2019. We had over 75% of the company in attendance!! It was so great to see everyone, and there was plenty of catchup both in stories and recognitions.

Here were the milestone Anniversary employees that attended:

5 Year: 2015 
Left to Right:
Allan Vigue Sr, Jeff White, Danyelle Harp, Luis Jimenez, Sam Evans

5 Year: 2016
Left to Right:
Alex Higdon, Luke Lambert, Mike Cunnington, Myles Welch, Feliciano Monroy

5 Year: 2017
Left to Right, Back Row:
Jeremy McCormick, Sam Baldwin, Steven Baldwin, Austin Huerta, Hans Howard, Brad Baskind, Donny Gee, Jason Nix, Rob Overton, Luis Alvarenga, Carl Reusser, Joe Jamison & Louis Paul

Left to Right, Front Row: Diane Yoo, Sara Etheredge, Katelyn McNeely, Alex Stephens

10 Year: 2011
Left to Right:  Allan Vigue Jr, Dale Eastman, Ashley Metcalfe, Dan Rind, Jon Sharpe, Sam McVey & Kevan Muzzy

10 Year: 2012
Left to Right:
Rory Koch, May Jensen, Kory Kumar, Ryan Hogan, Josh Boettner, Wayde Turner, Levi Noel, Dan Reed, Stephen Carey, Mike Stout, AJ Fraiman & Billy Hohenstein

15 Year: 2005-2007
Left to Right:
Sio Salafai, Lance Scacco, Philip LaRouche, Mitch Kranson, Matt Enany & Kristi Walz

20 Year: 2000
Chad Jacobsen

20 Year: 2000
Steve Neisinger

20 Year: 2002
Ron St Jean

25 Year: 1997
Andres Arredondo

25 Year: 1997
Kirk MacGowan

25 Year: 1996
Gary Wood

25 Year: 1996
Keith Liebhauser

25 Year: 1997
Andy Bley

25 Year: 1995
John Dahlman

25 Year: 1995
Scott Mathis

30 Year: 1990
Chris Fusetti

30 Year: 1991
Rick Basnaw

30 Year: 1991
Chris Kevil

30 Year: 1992
Nancy Adler

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New Project: Tumwater Corporate Park, Buildings 1 & 2

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