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Spotlight: Sam Evans

Sam Evans 1x1

Project Manager Sam Evans has been a part of Sierra since 2015. Sam grew up in the Mount Si area, and later graduated from Chico State in Northern California.

"I was originally looking at engineering, but I really didn’t want to take six semesters of calculus. A professor in college recommended construction management by telling me 'Construction Managers are just like engineers that actually get invited to parties.' ”

Now as a Project Manager here at Sierra, Sam’s portfolio includes multiple concrete tilt-up projects and their associated tenant improvements, including Prologis Park Tacoma and Portside 55.

If you could do any job for just one day, what would it be? General Manager of the Seahawks.

What is your favorite pastime? Playing soccer.

Favorite book? I read The Boys in the Boat recently and highly recommend it.

If you weren't in construction, what would you be doing for your career? Accounting or Engineering. Something heavily math based.

What is something you can't resist? Anything with chocolate in it.

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