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#peopleofsierra - January 2023

2023 Jan

Below are employee submitted photos from the month of January!

(Submitted by Kyle Draszt)

Alex Leighton & Rick Bansaw

Adam Hinthorn

Tim Clark

Carrie Bodnar, Nancy Adler & Rick Basnaw (Submitted by Danyelle Krebs)

Danyelle Krebs

Want to see yours included next month?

You can email them to me, or post them to social media with the #peopleofsierra tag!

You can submit any photos you would like to share:

- With coworkers (during or after hours)

- Around the jobsite (can have people or not!)

- You or family wearing Sierra gear

- Sierra gear around the world (be sure to let us know where!)

On the Subject

Employee Spotlight: Andres Arredondo
Employee Spotlight
Employee Spotlight: Andres Arredondo

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