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Our very own super hero!


Sierra's very own Dan Windon was driving when he was flagged down by a woman pointing to a car in a flooded ditch. The woman said there was someone still in the car - Dan parked his truck and immediately began looking for something that could break a window. He found a tow hitch in his truck's toolbox and headed towards the car. He stepped into the water and was almost immediately surprised by the chest-deep water. Bashing the window open, he was able to pull the driver out!

"There is way more to this story than what was told on the news. Dan saved Chris' life for sure! Dan told me that he was up to his shoulders in water and only a couple inches of the car's roof was above water when Dan pulled Chris out. As soon as Dan extracted Chris the car sunk below the water. Chris had been holding his breath and would not have been able to hold it any longer, he would have drowned if Dan hadn't steped up to help.

The amazing part of the story is that there was another able bodied man who had got out of his car and was watching the action with the woman that told Dan there was someone in the car. Dan without hesitating went to the rescue while the other guy stood and watched. In fact the other guy said something like "we don't need to have two dead people". Despite Dan hearing this he still waded up to his chest in frigid water to break the driver's window and pull Chris out thru the broken glass.

After Dan was able to bring Chris to safety he brushed himself off and got back in his truck to go get gas for the generators on the job site and then went home to change! What a stud!!! Dan was in his truck and gone before the aid car even arrived. There is no way the paramedics could have saved Chris, they were too late.

We are all so proud of Dan and his unselfish actions, he is a hero for sure!" - Roger

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