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Mill Creek YMCA 2014 Puddle Run - Sierra gets after it!

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Sierra Construction was one of the proud sponsors of the Mill Creek YMCA 2014 Puddle Run on February 2nd. Yes, that February 2nd. So while you lazy asses were gearing up for a big Superbowl of cheezy dip and chips, some people were out getting some exercise.

Jon Gebow's fiancé works for the YMCA and helped to warm up the event participants with a little Zumba, while Jon handed out water to runners during the race. It was an extremely cold morning, but Justin "fast feet" Griner still managed to place 9th overall in the 5 mile race and was ranked 4th his grouping. Marissa also participated, however, she won't disclose her time, she doesn't want you to feel bad.

Congrats Sierrans! Awesome award for participation!

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