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March Madness - 2017


March Madness kicks off this week, so it is time for you to set up your brackets! We will have prizes once again this year and as always there is that vaunted Horses’ Ass trophy to try and avoid (previously displayed in Kevil’s office!)

If you haven’t participated before, you will need to create a Yahoo account to sign in. Once your account is created or if you already have a Yahoo account, you can follow the link below and hit ‘Join Group’ on the right hand side.

Pool Info:

Name: Sierra 2017

Group #: 11032

Password: sierra

Good luck to everyone!!

On the Subject

Work begins at Puyallup West
Project Updates
Work begins at Puyallup West

Sierra Construction began construction of Avenue 55/Cabot’s Puyallup West Distribution Center, a 172,000 square foot tilt-up concrete warehouse on a 10 acre lot...

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