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Final CO: AGC Heat / BP Townsend

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"Better late than never.

We received C of O on the AGC Heat project on 10/2/2020, roughly one year, and partially through one pandemic, after starting the project. The project was a build to suit of sorts, with Dermody as the property owner and AGC Heat as the tenant taking the full building. As a manufacture of food grade heat transfer equipment, AGC Heat was looking to upgrade their space from a dingy, metal building with no natural light in production areas in Portland’s SE side to a new 30’ clear tilt up with skylights, windows on three sides, bridge cranes, SACMI press capable of producing over 7,000 tons of compression force that came from Italy, plenty of floor space for interior storage of stainless materials, fabrication areas for small press, lathes, and welding areas, and a 6,000 sf office buildout, all inside a new 64,000 SF tilt building. As mentioned the press, scheduled to arrive in late May, was held up in Italy due to COVID and ended up arriving four months late, with our electrical permit tied to connections for the press holding up full Occupancy. TCO was applied for and received on the original scheduled turnover date of 6/26/2020. Some other items of note, the building was built on a sloping site, panels on the west and south sides were set at 8’ below finish floor to retain the interior fill, making for some large panels at the corners requiring a second crane mob to set. The SACMI press required a 30” thick footing with the top 4’ below finish floor. In order to avoid having to open up a huge excavation to get 7’ below grade after the panels were set, the footing was poured, buried in sand and re-excavated after tilting the building to form the stem walls.

Thanks to the hard work of Allan Vigue, Derek Wittig, Jessica Dowrey and all the Sierra crew on this building allowing it to turn over to the tenant on the original scheduled date even through the COVID shutdown in March/April."

- Philip LaRouche, Project Manager

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