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Willow Crossing

Project Description

Willow Crossing is a new construction, affordable housing apartment building located in South Seattle. Breaking ground Spring 2020, it is be seven stories high with one level of below-grade parking. In total, the project provides 211 affordable residential units, including studio, 1 and 2 bedroom floorplans to an area in need of market-rate finishes and amenities while remaining affordable. Willow Crossing also feature a large rooftop patio, a public plaza along MLK Jr Way, as well as 3,975 square feet of commercial tenant space at the street level.

Willow Crossing immediately faced challenges as the project startup fell concurrently with the startup of COVID-19 and restrictions and requirements that came along with the pandemic. Procurement issues became standard throughout the life of the project, as our team seemed to field calls on a weekly basis from our subcontractors telling us the project specified material was no longer available by the time their scope of work showed up on the schedule. Through great communication with our project team and an ownership group that was willing to adjust on the fly to material substitutions, we were able to smoothly transition through every occurrence of material procurement issues. Beyond COVID-19 related issues, a specific challenge this project overcame was a feature “Green Wall” on the entrance façade of the building. From initial design to installation in the field, the project team navigated through the various specific challenges that were presented; hanging planters and green screen manufacturers to use, structural attachment to the façade, coordination between pre-finished siding panels installed on the façade and landscaping materials creating clear architectural lines, as well as proper ways of irrigating and draining planters that hung up to 60 feet on the façade. This feature wall on the building was also located in a tight space that only allowed for installation of materials by means of scaffolding, which then required the coordination of various trades who each owned a different scope involved with the façade, all the while only portions could be completed until further scaffolding came down in a section by section manner. Challenges are always expected when working in the construction industry, but it is the hard work and dedication of our team members that moves us forward to finding solutions.

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