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Prologis Park Tacoma, Buildings B & D

Project Description

Sitting on 80 acres near the Port of Tacoma, three newly constructed buildings comprise the development known as Prologis Park Tacoma. Sierra Construction was the general contractor for buildings B and D in the development, which was completed this Spring.

The largest of the three buildings, Building B, is 770,195 square feet with a 36’ clear height. The building has 174 dock doors with a unique triple-loaded dock configuration, providing maximum distribution opportunities by the tenant.

Built by tilt-up construction the 770,195 square foot building included 172 building panels, 12 façade panels and 8 ramp panels to construct, with the heaviest panel weighing 164,000lbs. The unique entrance facades at each corner of the building include three, 7.5” thick full-height panels that are supported by tube steel.

To wrap up Building B, offices were built in each of the building’s four nodes totaling just under 19,000 square feet of office space within the building.

The second building in the park constructed by Sierra, Building D, is 319,000 square feet built on a 7” slab-on-grade. Building D has 64 total truck doors; 62 dock and 2 drive-up. This building was constructed using 114 tilt panels, including 3 façade panels and 4 ramp panels. This building’s layout only utilized one of the three-panel entrance facades.

One of the largest challenges encountered on this project was the record amount of rainfall, coupled with native soil that lacked natural drainage. Crews worked day and night before pour days to make this project possible.

Project Details


Tacoma, WA






319,000 - 770,195