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Kilo 6 Hangars

Project Description

This Paine Field hangar project consisted of two airplane hangars, Hangar B at 27,500 square feet and Hangar C at 16,000 square feet. Con­structed on a 6 acre site at the southwest cor­ner of Paine Field, Hangar B is a metal building with two 105’x28’ wide tip up hangar doors, sized to accommodate up to two Gulfstream G-5 airplanes, and includes a 6,000 square feet of office space, along with full width clerestory windows to allow natural light into the hangar. Hangar C has two 70’x22’ wide tip up hangar doors and includes 1,000 square feet of office space and also contains clerestory windows on the south side. It was necessary to Rapid Impact Compact the site due to the soil con­ditions, which were a roughly 20’ deep uncon­trolled fill. Our team also constructed a new 1,100’ long taxiway and a new 1,300 linear foot road to access the hangars.

Project Details


Everett, WA


Kilo 6 LLC


Owen Richards Architects