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Interbay Self Storage

Project Description

Interbay is a four story self-storage in the Interbay district of Seattle. The 94,000 square foot building was constructed using a hybrid method that utilized both concrete tilt-up and structural steel. It’s smaller in footprint and value compared to some of Sierra’s other projects but has a complex design and was a challenging to build. Due to the small overall area of the slab, the project team could not cast all off the exterior panels at once and had to do two tilts, with some panels cast on top of each other. The completed project has 1,000 square foot leasing and retail space and 884 heated storage units.

Sierra also built a new roadway intersection next to an existing intersection as part of the site improvement project. Scope included adding new traffic lights, sidewalk, gutter, and restriping the existing road to feed into the new intersection.

Project Details


Seattle, WA


Interbay Urban Storage


Jackson | Main Architecture