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King County Metro Atlantic/Central Base Operations Building

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Currently under construction, the Atlantic/Central Base Operations Building is the final phase of the 22-acre, $100 million Metro Atlantic/Central Base Expansion project that began in 2002. This includes the Communications and Control Center (LEED Gold Certified); the Tire and Millwright Shop (LEED Certified); renovations to existing maintenance buildings; expanded bus parking; and improvements to Sixth Avenue.

The two-story, 44,000 square foot “Ops” Building will eventually be home to more than 50 fulltime employees, and serve as a contact point and area of respite for 1,200 Metro drivers throughout the day. It incorporates sustainable strategies in every aspect of design and construction, and is on track for LEED Gold certification.

The project site incorporates highly reflective paving, and more than 20 percent of its area is vegetated open space. An exterior vegetated wall, or “green screen,” will provide shading for the west facade, as well as visual appeal along Sixth Avenue. Landscaping includes only native or adapted vegetation negating the need for irrigation.

Low-flow and low-flush plumbing fixtures will contribute to an estimated 43 percent water savings. An estimated 18 percent energy savings will result from highly insulated walls and roof; decreased electric lighting due to natural daylighting; and a high efficiency variable air volume HVAC system with economizer and demand control ventilation.

Interiors include ample natural daylight and access to outdoor views; enhanced user controllability of lighting systems; and low-emitting materials. Pre- and post-consumer recycled content materials such as structural steel, rebar, aluminum storefront, acoustic ceiling tile and grid, green screen system, glass wool insulation, and rubber flooring comprise over 32 percent of total building materials by cost. Regionally harvested and manufactured materials such as concrete, exterior metal siding, sheet metal flashing, and ceramic tile comprise over 22 percent of total building materials by cost.

Construction is scheduled for completion in Summer 2011. With the structural framing recently completed, the construction team is currently installing the exterior envelope, which includes roofing and exterior walls. Of all construction waste generated so far, 99.9 percent has been diverted from landfill for salvaging or recycling.

As the flagship for King County Metro Transit, the new Ops Building presents an opportunity for King County to demonstrate its commitment to innovation and sustainability in the building and in all levels of operations. In attempting LEED Gold certification, the project will evidence King County’s commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainable design – a model for future King County Transit facilities to learn from and improve upon.

Architecture/Engineering: Tetra Tech, Inc.
Contractor: Sierra Construction Company, Inc.
Landscape: Osborn Pacific Group, Inc.

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