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Employee Spotlight: Philip LaRouche

LaRouche, Phil

Philip joined the Sierra team in 2007. Starting as Project Engineer, his first project was Kohl’s in Hazel Dell. Throughout his career at Sierra he has completed a varied array of projects including big box retail, business parks, metal buildings and tenant improvements. What he likes most about working for Sierra are the people. “The carpenters and laborers are hard working and really take pride in the work, and it is really great how involved Roger, Rick and all the management are, setting up meetings and getting up in front of everyone taking time to talk about how the company is doing and what we have coming up.”

What brought you to Sierra? 

I happened upon Sierra when I was looking to move to Portland. I was visiting from Montana and stopped in and interviewed with Guy for 15 minutes or so and then went back to Montana. I moved out here and started work three weeks later.

How do you spend your weekends? 

With the family, taking the kids to swim lessons and other activities.

What is your least favorite fruit or vegetable? 

I don't like cantaloupe, I keep trying it and hope for good things, but am always underwhelmed.

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