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Employee Spotlight: Matt Fletcher

Fletcher, Matt

Rounding out his 5th year here at Sierra, Matt Fletcher is a Superintendent based out of the Portland office. Before finding his way to Sierra, Matt spent 12 years in foundation and flatwork and 5 years of general construction. His first project was Sierra's concrete-only Project Granite in Dupont, Washington, which became Amazon's BFI3. What was his favorite project? "Columbia Tech Center's #649, Parkside Shops; it was my first building as a Superintendent. I have a lot of pride in how it turned out." Matt was most recently on Project Piper PDX9, a 857,000 square foot distribution center in Troutdale, Oregon.

If you could do another job for just one day, what would it be?

    Pro Golfer! That sounds like a great day.

    What is one thing you couldn’t live without?

      My wife, and that is a fact. Shes my most treasured thing in life for sure.

      Where is your favorite vacation to be?

        Dominican Republic. That place is unfreaking believable.

        On the Subject

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        Project Update: Project Piper

        Project Piper’s first tilt phase was completed at the end of September. 66 panels, and included the smallest panel in the building, at only 54′ tall and 73,340l...

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