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Tilt Completion at Mid I-5 in Kelso, WA


The team out at Mid I-5 Kelso had multiple reasons to celebrate this month!

Squeaking in as the newly crowned largest Sierra-built project, the 1,185,600 square foot building was erected with 200 building panels, 12 ramp wall panels, and 62 stair wall panels (done in concrete in lieu of steel stairs). The team completed the tilt almost two days ahead of schedule, and on a gorgeous day to boot.

The building alone required 43,335 cubic yards of concrete; but you can add cubic yards for the dolly pads, truck aprons, curbs and sidewalks which would bring that total to over 50,000 cubic yards.

Due to the site's proximity to the Columbia River and ash fallout from Mount Saint Helens, the site required substantial deep dynamic site prep which included 28,158 drops with a 27 ton weight from 80' in the air, and 30,860 drops with a 10 ton weight from 40' in the air. 


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