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TCO: Tumwater Corporate Park

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We are happy to announce that we have received building finals on buildings 1 & 2 of the Tumwater Corporate Park.

Sitework started in May 2022, In an unusual turn of events the city of Tumwater decided not to release the building permit until both the onsite and offsite sitework were complete. After spending the beautiful and dry summer doing sitework that finished up in early Oct, the city of Tumwater managed to delay the release of the permit until the very first day of the rainy season. Despite the terrible timing, the team was able to utilize the few dry days of the winter to pour concrete and meet all the schedule milestones. In an unusual turn of events, while reviewing our panel placement the crane salesman left out some minor details about the crane needing so much counterweight that it could not move with a panel in the air and had to have another crane unload its counterweight between picks. Numerous phone battles were fought with PSE gas and power, 30’ deep storm force main pumping station with backup generators, over the top fuel containment systems.….There were many other trials and tribulations but as usual, in the Sierra way, we overcame them as a team and delivered a quality product to a happy customer.

I’d like to thanks Jesus and Dan Reed for the sitework portion of this project, especially Jesus for perfectly timing his child birth so that he could come back for the last week of the project, May Jensen one of the only people to see this project from start to finish, Jeff Walker for the first 10 months of the project and boundless enthusiasm while handing the project over to myself, Josh Boettner – fighting the good fight, guiding us while ensuring the Tacoma office never runs out of snacks, Ron St. Jean our never stressed and fearless leader, Phil Leu – foreman, biscotti king and recovering coffee creamer addict, Jordan Carey - Panel lead and last crew member on the project, and most importantly the entire Sierra crew including all of you who drove up from Portland to help us." - Alex Stephens, Project Manager

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