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TCO: Interbay Self Storage

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"I am happy to report the we have finished off our week with a TCO at Interbay Self Storage. This results in 3 of the 4 levels being available for leasing to the public at this time, which makes for a very happy client. The project began May ‘17 with utilities relocation and we broke ground for the building last July. In addition to the building and site, we also had a significant street improvement plan tied to our project that created a new road and moved a major intersection on 15th Ave W. As always, working in Seattle is a minefield of challenges but as a team we were able to persevere and navigate our way through to completion. Special thanks to Kirk MacGowan, John Dahlman, Alex Stephens, Heather Muzzy, Domingo Gonzalez, Curtis Clark, CJ Shirley, Matt Clark, Ron St. Jean, and anyone else that helped along the way to bring this project to life. Now go enjoy your weekend!"

- Sam McVey

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