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TCO: Blue Origin


From Ryan Hogan:

"All – I am happy to announce the Kent R&D Facility received TCO today.

The 225,000 sf building broke ground in January 2019 with expectations that the Owner will be holding their annual holiday party inside the building. After 11 months, 100,000 CY of structural fill, 80,000 CY of export, 80,000 sf of conference space, 200,000 sf of carpet and 1 post-tensioned-structural-fabric structure, the party is proceeding as planned.

Big thanks to Steve Neisinger, John Dahlman, AJ Fraiman, Bryan Ploetz, Donny Gee, Alex Stevens and every carpenter and laborer that was onsite for all of the hard work and extra hours that allowed us absorb a 12-week delay from the structure erector, and still turnover on time. Speaking of which, big thanks to Rick Basnaw for digging his heels in and insisting the structure erector be carried by the owner. I know that defiantly saved me a lot of heartburn over the summer."

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