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Support the Breast Cancer Fund

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Hello friends-
In just two weeks I will be climbing to the 14,179 feet summit of Mt. Shasta in Northern California. I've joined a team of 29 other men and women from across the U.S. to support the Breast Cancer Fund and their groundbreaking work to PREVENT breast cancer by eliminating our exposure to toxic chemicals and radiation.

My grandmother was a healthy person by all other standards yet battled breast cancer TWICE. Unfortunately, it's very likely that you have a friend or family member who has also been touched by this devastating disease. We know that one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime and only 50% of these cancers are linked to traditional risk factors.

I have committed to support the Breast Cancer Fund (BCF) because of the incredible work that they have accomplished in Washington State and throughout the U.S. BCF pushed legislators to set standards for safer plastics and remove BPA from baby bottles and other products. Washington children benefit from the BCF's support to pass the Children's Safe Products Act in 2008 to get lead and phthalates out of toys.

Please consider helping me and the BCF with a donation to my climb page:
Together we can help the Breast Cancer Fund to address outdated chemical laws, push corporations to sell safer products, and advance research on the link between chemical exposures and cancer.

Thank you for your support!
Annie Kirk (and Justin)

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