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Spotlight: Ashley Metcalfe


Ashley became part of the Sierra family in 2011. "I started in construction accounting at 19. I’ve been a Job Cost Admin, Contract Admin, AR, AP, and Payroll. Prior to nerding out in accounting, I was a receptionist, a bank teller and I worked at Jamba Juice. I had a blast handing out smoothie coupons in a banana costume!”

Why construction accounting specifically? “The construction industry brings together hard-working, down to earth people that know how to have a good time.”

What is your favorite place to be? Toss up between a snowy mountain or on the water in the sunshine.

Favorite band? My favorite band of all time is The Beastie Boys. They rap a lot about food, and I looooove food.

If you could have one superpower, what would it be? Unbreakable, so I'd never injure myself...again.

Three most overused phrases? Ummmm..., That's Awesome!, Right?!?!

On the Subject

New Project: Traxx Apartments
Project Updates
New Project: Traxx Apartments

The third building in the Terrace Station development, Traxx is located just north of the recently completed Terrace Station East. When completed, Traxx will h...

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