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#peopleofsierra - October 2022

oct peopleofsierra

Edgar Espinosa (Submitted by Chris Kevil)

(Submitted by Philip LaRouche)

(Submitted by Roger Collins)

John Barnes (Submitted by Meghan McIntyre)

Ashley Metcalfe, Bri Da Silva, Katelyn McNeely, Danyelle Krebs, Rick Basnaw, Meghan McIntyre, May Jensen & Ashley Spear

Ashley Metcalfe, May Jensen & Katelyn McNeely (Submitted by Danyelle Krebs)

A young Kirk MacGowan (Submitted by Andy Bley)

Josh Goodrich, Danyelle Krebs & Meghan McIntyre (Submitted by Nancy Adler)

Roger Collins vacuuming flies (Submitted by Nancy Adler)

Bri Da Silva & Katelyn McNeely (Submitted by Katelyn McNeely)

Meghan McIntyre & Danyelle Krebs (Submitted by Danyelle Krebs)

May Jensen & Katelyn McNeely (Submitted by Danyelle Krebs)

Mitch Kranson, Adam Hinthorn, Ryan Hogan & Dan Rind (Submitted by Chris Fusetti)

(Submitted by Katelyn McNeely)

On the Subject

Project Update: Georgetown Crossroads
Project Updates
Project Update: Georgetown Crossroads

The project team at Prologis’ Georgetown Crossroads took a moment to celebrate on Tuesday, as the structural steel erection on the main, three-story section of...

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