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#peopleofsierra - May 2022

peopleofsierra june

#peopleofsierra photos shared in the month of May!

Diane Yoo, Andrew Repass & Jessica Dowrey (Submitted by Jessica Dowrey)

Gary Wood & Farrar Parnell (Submitted by Chris Kevil)

Adrian Moreno (Submitted by Chris Kevil)

Justin Fay-French & Alex Mamlock (Submitted by Chris Kevil)

Tim Clark (Submitted by Tim Clark)

Carrie Bodnar, Matt Fletcher, Rory Koch & Kristi Walz (Submitted by Kristi Walz))

Kyle Eldred (Submitted by Kyle Eldred)

Nolan Vella (Submitted by Nolan Vella)

Bob Carrasco (Submitted by Bob Carrasco)

Want to see yours included next month? 

You can email them to me, or post them to social media with the #peopleofsierra tag!

You can submit any photos you would like to share:

- With coworkers (during or after hours)

- Around the jobsite (can have people or not!)

- You or family wearing Sierra gear

- Sierra gear around the world (be sure to let us know where!)

On the Subject

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Project Completion: Coffee Creek Logistics

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