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#peopleofsierra - March 2023

peopleofsierra march

Below are employee submitted photos from the month of March!

Jakob Bolin & Keli'i Waiamau (Submitted by Jakob Bolin)

(Submitted by Evan Heeringa)

Jobsite lunch at Tumwater Corporate Park (Submitted by Nancy Adler)

Dylan Logan, Conor Cahill, Bob Carrasco, Evan Heeringa & Taylor Galbraith (Submitted by Andy Bley)

Matt Enany keeping it together (Submitted by Carrie Bodnar)

(Submitted by Tim Clark)

(Submitted by Kyle Draszt)

Gracie Sharpe (Submitted by Jon Sharpe)

Louis Paul & Alex Newton going live with the Gardens District bid (Submitted by Matt Enany)

Matt Fletcher mounting Portlands Celebration Bell (Submitted by Sara Etheredge)

May Jensen & Lisa Diebler (Submitted by May Jensen)

Luke Lambert & Justin Standfill (Submitted by May Jensen)

Want to see yours included next month?

You can email them to me, or post them to social media with the #peopleofsierra tag!

You can submit any photos you would like to share:

- With coworkers (during or after hours)

- Around the jobsite (can have people or not!)

- You or family wearing Sierra gear

- Sierra gear around the world (be sure to let us know where!)

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