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#peopleofsierra: March 2022

Mar 22 peopleofsierra
Tommy James (Submitted by Evan Heeringa)

Jarrod Cooper (Submitted by Andy Bley)

Andy Bley, Jarrod Cooper, Jessica Dowrey, Lisa Diebler & May Jensen (Submitted by Jessica Dowrey)

Nolan Vella (Submitted by Andy Bley)

Dawn Searles, Nancy Adler, Danyelle Harp, Lisa Diebler, Jessica Dowrey, Carrie Bodnar, Ashley Spear, Megan McIntyre, Bri Da Silva, Katelyn McNeely & Ashley Metcalfe (Submitted by Jessica Dowrey)

Tim Clark (Submitted by Tim Clark)

On the Subject

Employee Spotlight: Matt Enany
Employee Spotlight
Employee Spotlight: Matt Enany

Matt is a Project Manager for Sierra. Hired in 2008, his first project was the Kilo 6 Hangers at Paine Field in Everett, where he was a project engineer for bot...

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