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#peopleofsierra - February 2023

2023 Feb

Below are employee submitted photos from the month of January!

Tilt Crew at Bridge Point I-5 Milton (Submitted by Tim Clark)

(Submitted by Sara Etheredge)

Adam Hinthorn, Aldo Sanchez, Meghan McIntyre, Chris Fusetti, Mitch Kranson & Ryan Hogan (Submitted by Meghan McIntyre)

Rory Koch, Kristine Walz & John Barnes (Submitted by Meghan McIntyre)

(Submitted by Dawn Searles)

Nahum Martinez (Submitted by Chris Kevil)

Noe Torres (Submitted by Chris Kevil)

Tim Clark (Submitted by Chris Kevil)

Shaun McBee, Brian Buckreus & Dan Windon (Submitted by Meghan McIntyre)

Kristine Walz, Brad Baskind, Dan Windon, John Barnes, Meghan McIntyre & Rory Koch (Submitted by Meghan McIntyre)

Manda Catterlin (Submitted by Meghan McIntyre)

BTC Graham's Ferry Crew - Mike Cunnington, Ernest Aumiller, Hans Howard, Lance Scacco, Gary Griffin, Brandon Ramsey, Dan Windon, Trevor Bates, Santiago Cisneros Mazcote & Julio Hernandez (Submitted by Meghan McIntyre)

Adam Hinthorn (Submitted by Chris Kevil)

Jesus Mendoza (Submitted by Chris Kevil)

Levi Noel (Submitted by Chris Kevil)

Bri Da Silva, Carl Reusser, Lisa Diebler, Jessica Dowrey, Danyelle Krebs, Ashley Metcalfe, May Jensen, Ashpley Spear, Katelyn Fitzgerald, Carrie Bodnar, Meghan McIntyre & Nancy Adler (Submitted by Danyelle Krebs)

Want to see yours included next month?

You can email them to me, or post them to social media with the #peopleofsierra tag!

You can submit any photos you would like to share:

- With coworkers (during or after hours)

- Around the jobsite (can have people or not!)

- You or family wearing Sierra gear

- Sierra gear around the world (be sure to let us know where!)

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HomeStreet provides funds for Henry construction

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