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#peopleofsierra: February 2022

Feb 22 peopleofiserra

Featuring photos shared in February by the People of Sierra!

Andre Arredondo & Roger Collins (Submitted by Chris Kevil)

Alex Philippides, Danny Nguyen & Ken Salafai (Submitted by Chris Kevil)

Lisa Diebler, pouring the 10,000 bottle saver (Submitted by Evan Heeringa)

(Work of Art by Evan Heeringa)

(Submitted by Keith Liebhauser)

On the Subject

Project Completion: First Glacier Logistics
Project Updates
Project Completion: First Glacier Logistics

First Glacier Logistics Center has been completed. Work began on First Glacier Logistics in October 2018. Built with a total of 55 tilt panels, limited slab sp...

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