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#peopleofsierra - August 2022

aug 2022 peopleofsierra
Evan Heeringa, Josh Boettner, Mike Stout, Matt Enany, Rob Overton, Bryan Ploetz, Ryan Hogan, Jason Nix & Taylor Galbraith (Submitted by Chris Fusetti)

Justin Standfill, Lisa Diebler & Jessica Dowrey (Submitted by Jessica Dowrey)

Meghan McIntyre, Danyelle Harp & Nancy Adler (Submitted by Danyelle Harp)

Allan Vigue Jr, Brian Buckreus, Dan Windon & John Barnes (Submitted by John Barnes)

Ryan Morgan & Chris Fusetti (Submitted by Chris Fusetti)

Ryan Brown (Submitted by Chris Kevil)

Danyelle Harp, Carrie Bodnar, Katelyn McNeely, Bryan Ploetz, Chris Fusetti & Kirk MacGowan (Submitted by Danyelle Harp)

Lisa Diebler & Ashley Metcalfe (Submitted by Jessica Dowrey)

Carrie Bodnar, Danyelle Harp & Katelyn McNeely (Submitted by Danyelle Harp)

Want to see yours included next month?

You can email them to me, or post them to social media with the #peopleofsierra tag!

You can submit any photos you would like to share:

- With coworkers (during or after hours)

- Around the jobsite (can have people or not!)

- You or family wearing Sierra gear

- Sierra gear around the world (be sure to let us know where!)

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Maple Valley shopping center getting Walgreens

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