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Intern: Kevin McCracken

McCracken Intern

Kevin McCracken is a Construction Management Technology major studying at Eastern Washington University. Born and raised in Spokane, Kevin has worked at a variety of places - including Ace Hardware, a laborer for a home remodel, and Spokane Public School's IT department. If he wasn't in construction "I would probably either pursue a career in IT or a trade like electrician. I enjoy collaborative work and I think construction is very fulfilling and interesting. Having a tangible end product is very gratifying."

Best advice you have ever heard? 
You have to be confident in your ability to learn.

What is your favorite pastime?
My current favorite pastime is playing dance games (like Dance Dance Revolution). I'm usually at the arcade on weekends.

Tell us something that may surprise us about you.
I have never gotten a traffic ticket.

Dream vacation?
I would like to see antiquity sites from ancient Greece, Rome, Persia, China etc. Wherever there are ancient buildings, sites, or art I'm interested.

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