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Did you know there is snow outside?!


Has anyone else noticed how weird this snow is for the PNW? Well, other than the fact that we have HAD snow for more than 24 hours.... but its so fluffy! We used a leaf blower to clean the trucks off. Normally our snow is so heavy!

Here are some snow shenanigans - but I know people of Sierra have had more! Please send them my way, I would love to share them!

The perk of sharing a parking lot with the City maintenance facility - a plowed parking lot!
But, they piled it up into a parking space.
No fear! Repass to the rescue! 'Hold on! I can make one more parking space!'

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Project Completion: Linden Flats
Project Updates
Project Completion: Linden Flats

Located in North Seattle just East of Bitter Lake, the newly constructed seven-story Linden Flats apartment building has 170 affordable units. Income-qualified...

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