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BP Everett 500 Completion

BP Everett 500

"Sierra Family,

I’m happy to report the Bridge Point Everett 500 project was completed on time with substantial completion 10/20/2023 and final punch list complete a few weeks ago. Starting in April 2022, with historic rainfall, the project consisted of (3) Buildings ranging in size. A = 278,937 SF, B = 85,618, & C = 122,628

A & B have C of O and Building C is awaiting formal approval from Everett but has TCO. This project was initially scheduled to be split into multiple seasons or “phased” due to Roof Structure availability at the time of procurement. We would get the site Pad- Ready, leave for the winter and return in the Spring to complete buildings by 10/23/2023. Several challenges with the site resulted in disregarding the intended phasing approach; all work continued through the 22/23 winter. This was a long grind for the Sierra team and all subs/suppliers.

The buildings themselves are not unique to what we do, the site certainly not the largest we have worked, but the combo of complexity and magnitude proved to be a challenge until the bitter end.

The site consisted of:

  • Clearing 34 acres
  • Nearly 400,000CY Cut to Fill on a very steep gradient, immediately uphill of a neighborhood.
  • 100,000SF of Lock & Load retaining wall, some 50+ feet tall
  • 20,000SF of Soil Nail walls, up to a 40ft cut
  • 12,000SF of Cut Rockery
  • (3) major Detention Vaults
  • Several outfalls
  • Miles of utilities
  • 85ft of elevation change between upper and lower pads

On the front end, we were navigating the usual challenges present at that time. Material Escalation, Roof Structure pricing & lead times, Supply Chain issues, among others. Kirk was masterful ensuring the project was set up for success at the start.

At the end of the day, the SCCI/Bridge team completed a monumental task and constructed a site that, to my knowledge, has been looked at by many developers for 15+ years, without anyone wanting to take it on.

Overall the project took 19 months to complete, we finished on time and we have a very happy client.

One thing is for certain, this project would not have been possible without the tremendous amount of work from the whole team: Wayde Turner, Diane Yoo, Katelyn McNeely, Junior, Kirk MacGowan. On a project of this duration, it’s easy to get worn down but this team stayed tough all the way through.

(Notable major subs: HOS & DKS)

PS: I’m not sure we have built an industrial Business Park with as good of a view"

- Matt Frause, Project Manager

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