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2013 Boy Scouts GOTO Camp

Boy Scouts bs8

The Sierra team made their annual appearance at the Go To Camp Boy Scouts fundraising event this past Friday at Camp Pigott outside of Monroe. Team members Heather Muzzy, Sam McVey, Josh Boettner and Brendan Lawrence were there to represent Sierra against 13 other teams. Tasked with tackling an array of challenges from rock climbing to blindfold canoe racing the team held its own but was only able to muster a 5th place finish. It turns out despite the looks of the picture below that Brendan and Heather are not the best skeet shooters in the office nor can Heather pull Sam in a canoe while trying to swim in wet clothes from having just been knocked in the lake.

Despite the 5th place finish the team had a great day at the camp and competed hard for Sierra pride. I'm sure we will have the opportunity to go back next year seeing how this is John Teutsch's favorite charity so if anybody wants to participate sharpen those archery skills and practice your rock climbing!

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