Project Description

This waste recovery project included construction of a 66,325 sf with 30’ clear height and 185’ clear span material recovery facility with a 4,375sf office building. The project includes a drive-thru load-out tunnel to allow residual recycling waste to be loaded into trucks that sit below grade while material is loaded at slab grade.
Sustainable Features include:

  • A translucent fiberglass roof allows natural light into the facility cutting down on energy consumption for lighting
  • Rain water from the roof is also collected in a 170,000 gallon underground concrete storage tank. This water is then used for dust control on the site and the buildings fire sprinkler system
  • The building was designed to have a 30k photovoltaic system on the roof of the office building. The power produced by this system will feed the building operation and be reverse metered back into the local utilities grid. While this system was not installed during the building construction, numerous structural and electrical upgrades were made to allow for the installation of the system in the future.