Project Description

Phase 1: Buildings D, E, F, G & H | 300,356 sq ft
With buildings D-H comprising more than 300,000 square feet, Phase I of the Technology Campus at North Creek was completed in the spring of 1999. The exterior of the buildings in Phase I feature cast in place brick veneer facing on tilt-up panels. Following construction of these buildings in Phase I, our Tenant Improvement division conducted the build out and improvements to all associated interior tenant spaces. The Sierra team at North Creek also completed Building C just adjacent to the Tech Campus for this client during Phase I, and renovated an existing building on site (#7), and following the exterior work there, completed interior tenant improvements as well. Construction of Phase II of the Technology Campus, totaling over 220,000 square feet was scheduled to be completed next, in Spring 2002, and Phase III construction followed that. All three phases of the 46 acre development include flex/tech manufacturing and office facilities totaling nearly one million square feet.

Phase 2: Buildings N, O & P | 220,100 sq ft
With a combined total of 220,100 square feet, Phase II Buildings N, O, and P were completed in the spring of 2000. This phase of flex-tech two and three story office buildings had a similar feel and look to Phase I at the North Creek site in Bothell. Along with shell construction of N, O and P, we completed renovation and tenant improvements in those buildings as well as to Building 7 on the campus. New exterior painting and five store front entry systems with custom sheet metal canopies were added, as well as 24,000 square feet of improvements for tenant Voice Stream Wireless. The common area lobby for first and second floors underwent renovation as well.

Phase 3: Buildings J, K, L & M | 300,000 sq ft

Buildings J, K, L and M in Phase III of the North Creek Technology Campus were completed in the fall of 2000. Included with the third phase of construction at North Creek, we also completed a structural retro-fit of Building 3, an existing building on the campus. Tenant Improvement projects associated with this phase included expansions to several spaces in Phase I, build outs in Phase II and expansions in Building 7, and a 96,000 square foot build out for A T&T Wireless Services in Building O at Phase II.

Buildings I | 40,000 sq ft

Building I was a speculative 40,000 square foot flex-tech suburban office, was one of the final buildings constructed at the Schnitzer North Creek campus. The building and sewer were supported by driven piles. The HVAC, plumbing, electrical and fire alarm systems were all design-built. Interior work in Building I included first and second floor