Portside 55 North in Tacoma recently tilted the second building. This phase of the Portside 55 development consists of two buildings; Building A and Building B.

Building A is a 155,000 square foot building designed for future rail access. The building was tilted using 82 wall panels and 11 ramp panels, the heaviest weighting 113,300lbs. The smaller of the two, Building B, was constructed using 48 building panels and 8 ramp panels, the heaviest weighing 87,200lbs. The North phase of Portside 55 is set for completion later this year.

The second phase, known as Portside 55 South, consists of single 221,000 square foot Building C. It will have 2 drive in doors and 35 overhead doors. The demolition of the existing building on the South site is set for this week. This building is set for completion summer 2019.