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Spotlight: Kyle Eldred


Project Manager Kyle Eldred has a portfolio filled with tilt-ups and concrete-focused projects. A Central Washington University graduate, Kyle always had his sights on the construction industry. “I was a Lincoln log kid, and it grew from there. I enjoy the ever changing challenges. No day is ever the same.” In his time here at Sierra, Kyle’s projects have included mega-warehouses such as Amazon Troutdale and Stryker Business Center’s Amazon BFI4. “When I took my first 5 steps into the old Woodinville office I was told “You’re heading to Kent”. When I got to the jobsite my jaw hit the ground when I saw how massive the site was. That site was Amazon’s BFI4 – Project Wulf.”

How do you spend your weekends? Carpentry, fishing or golf!

Tell us something that might surprise us about you. I used to play in a classic rock band. I played keys and sang. “Don’t stop…believin’!”

What is your ideal vacation? Adventuring the back countries of Hawaii or any tropical place

If you could have one superpower, what would it be? Fly!

On the Subject

Structures: Put a building right on top of a tunnel? We can do that!
Project Updates
Structures: Put a building right on top of a tunnel? We can do that!

Across from the Paramount Theatre in downtown Seattle, an unusual six-story apartment building is rising. Its wood-framed upper floors look normal enough. But...

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