The Best Sewing Machine For Those Just Starting Out

It is easy to get into sewing if you really want to. I find it hard to think of any other hobby that involves making things that are very practical. All you need is a good sewing machine to get you started.

One of the benefits of knowing how to sew is that you can save a lot of money by repairing things instead of throwing them in the bin and buying a new one. Tears in your apparel can be easily patched and personalized. The best sewing machines make it easier for you to carry out this work.

A sewing Machine Room

Sewing also lets you experiment with your creative side. You conceive a design and sew so many items you'll have your creative juices flowing in no time at all.

But just like any other new hobby, you'll have to practice a lot on a very good sewing machine to learn the skills you need. You want to get a machine that best fits your skill level but also has all the features of the sewing machines you'll be using in the future. You'll find some the best sewing machines at The machine has to have all the features and accessories that all good sewing machines have so you can familiarize yourself with them before moving on the advanced sewing.

So here are a few things you should look out for when buying a sewing machine as a beginner.

Buy an automatic sewing machine

Manual sewing machines have their advantages, such as they are a little less expensive than automatic sewing machines. However, they are more difficult to use for a beginner. You'll get frustrated trying to learn how to use a manual sewing machine. So as a beginner, the best sewing machine for you is a computerized automated machine.

But when buying a computerized sewing machine, go for the simple ones. Some machines will come with hundreds or even thousands of decorative stitches plus other fancy things you really don't need. As someone just starting out, get a simple, inexpensive computerized machine. So before you shell out a small fortune, remember that you most likely won't use all those extra features you are paying for.

Get a Machine that comes with the basic stitches

To make things a lot easier for you, make sure the machine you buy features a few important stitches. You'll want to have straight stitches with auto thread cutter, zig-zag stitches, buttonhole, zipper stitches. And if you plan on sewing on heavier fabrics such as quilts, you need a machine with a drop feed buttonhole. One other good thing to have on the machine is automatic bobbin winding.

Variable Stitch Length is required

One other thing you'll want your sewing machine to have is the ability to select a stitch length and width. The best machines will come with this feature. Different kinds of fabrics and items will require different stitch tightness. Being able to adjust the stitch length and width gives you control over how tight your stitches can get.

A quiet machine may be best for you

Some sewing machines can be very noisy and this might not be ideal for your lifestyle. Maybe you have a baby in the house or the person living in the next apartment also has a baby in the house. Maybe you are just someone who doesn't like working in a very noisy environment. Make sure the machine you buy is on the quiet side of the noise scale.

Foot attachments

You'll need different presser feet to work on different types of projects. Let's say you want to do some quilting. You'll need to have a walking foot for that. For free-hand quilting, you need to have a free motion quilting foot. Other important presser feet include hemming feet, buttonhole feet, and zipper feet. They are all pretty self-explanatory. One of the best sewing machines

So those are a few things to consider when you want to buy a sewing machine as a beginner.

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